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exerpts from The Manor Messenger (Tx) newspaper Sep 16 1999

"And then there's Skeeter, not the tallest cowboy, if he's not repairing a saddle for the area horsemen, he's building step by step, a beautiful custom saddle, cutting top quality leather, stamping intricate and beautiful patterns into the cowhide, screwing, glueing, and nailing each layer onto a wooden saddle tree, making each saddle unique for a unique horse and owner."

"Saddlemaking is second nature to Skeeter. His initiation to the trade came as an elementary school age kid when he'd leave the ranch near Graham, Texas with his grandpa to get supplies in town. His grandpa would end up at the domino parlor. Next door was the saddle shop where Skeeter spent his time, there being nothing else to spend. He could stay "as long as he worked."

"Skeeter would be content to live where only horse transportation was allowed, never mind that the range life is rough and unpredictable. Breaking horses and his bones including "legs, arms, finger, ribs and a collar bone" is just the price to pay for his love of horses. He said, "I would have taken better care of myself if I knew I'd have lived this long."